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Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda 

in Lockwood & Bendigo

 Classical Yoga uses the techniques of breathwork, posture and meditation. When combined they energize the body and mind and begin to bring a connection to the self and the world.

Ayurveda works to being balance to the body by understanding the instinctual relationship of the natural self.  Techniques of  lifestyle examination, diet, herbs, aromatherapy, gemstones, body work practices of massage and yoga work to balance the energies  aiding the development towards optimal health and the prevention of disease.

Sarah Vanis

Dip Yth Wrk, Welfare, CD (Swinburne), BYW (ACU), Dip Ed (Murdoch), Dip Yoga Teacher (Classical Yoga), Cert III Hosp (Box Hill Tafe),

 Level 2 First Aid (ABC)

Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Trainee

Co-ordinator of Central Victorian Yoga Teachers Network


I distinctly remember the first moment I discovered the power of Yoga. An avid gym junkie for many years, I suffered severe health problems with weight and self-image. I worked my body hard, almost punishing it beyond repair with excerise and diet to create the perfect image I aspired to. I had dabbled with alternative health and began attending a yoga class with a friend. This was different. Slowly, my punishing regieme began to include body balance classes but I still walked out during relaxation. One day I stayed and made a discovery. I had within me what I needed to overcome my obstacles. It was in there all the time and I just needed to take time out to listen.

In yoga I discovered an appreciation for my body and in time discovered the benefits  extended to my mind and self-perception. I lost weight practising yoga and my body became firmer. I noticed new muscles and began to feel balanced. My breathing became steadier and the anxiety and depression I had been feeling lifted. My results were so inspiring, I decided to undertake Yoga Teacher Training with the intention of going deeper within.

Today I am a different person. I have practised yoga with wrist splints, crutches and 3 pregnancies. It breaks my heart to read about the growing obesity epidemic in Bendigo. Yoga has the power to heal. I have created  a network of yoga teachers in Central Victoria and encourage people to try a class until you find one that suits you.  Whilst the intention of yoga is to achieve stillness of mind, there are different styles of yoga so keeping trying if one style does not resonate with you.

My style of Yoga teaching has been influenced by local, interstate and international teachers from a variety of yoga disciplines namely Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasana and Classical Yoga. These influences are evolving to create mindfulness yoga. Classes welcome all ages and levels of ability and can range from being very strong to meditative. 

My personal journey and experience in youthwork, welfare and education has shown her time and time again that we all have inner wisdom for health within us. Sometimes we just need a little help tapping in. 

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